Posted by: Mark Stevens | November 23, 2007

Fraudsters Flock to the Web

The Internet: The World’s Street Corner for Counterfeit Goods

The challenge of protecting one’s brand – including its trademarks and intellectual property – is immeasurably more difficult in the Internet Age, given the medium’s global reach and the sheer volume of online communications and transactions.Forrester Research estimates that $259.1 billion worth of goods and services will be bought online in 2007, up from $219.9 billion in 2006.1

It is common knowledge that the Web is a premier channel for selling counterfeit goods.According to Gieschen Consultency’s 2006 Counterfeit and Piracy Intellegence Report, global online sales of counterfeit goods account for 14 percent of total counterfeit trade, a figure that translates into nearly $100 billion in 2006.Prior to the rise of the Internet, counterfeit and gray market goods2 were a significant problem, but much of their distribution occurred at epicenters such as Canal Street in New York City and the Silk Market in Beijing – and on street corners in cities around the world.Today, these fraudulent goods are advertised on and/or sold at a wide range of online venues, including:

Business-to-business (B2B) trade boards and exchanges

Auction sites

E-commerce web sites

Pay-per-click sites and paid placement advertisements

Via email solicitation by fraudulent parties


Posted by: Mark Stevens | November 23, 2007

Beware Counterfeit Circuit Breakers

Here is a site to show the problem that we are seeing in counterfeiting:

Posted by: Mark Stevens | November 22, 2007

Counterfeit Battle

I have developed this blog for those of us in the enterprise business world that are having to deal with counterfeit activity worldwide. We are seeing increased counterfeiting activity in these industries: semiconductor, micro chips, electronic parts/components and pharmaceuticals.

 There are several processes that companies are using to battle this problem. I would like to see us share thses ideas anonamously on this blog.

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