Posted by: Mark Stevens | November 25, 2007

Brand Protection – Intellectual Property White Paper

Any company that manufactures or consumes  in their products has always had to deal with a volatile component marketplace.  But now globalization and outsourcing are making the situation significantly more challenging.  In particular, companies are struggling with how to protect their intellectual property in a rogue world—particularly when outsourcing to low cost regions.  One Tier 1 global enterprise (Whose name remains confidential for security purposes.) found that the combination of setting up an “intelligence” department within the company and a new software solution from New Momentum which targets finding counterfeits and sales through unauthorized channels helped them protect their brand and their revenues.



There were four key issues that were the catalysts for driving the need to more effectively protect the company’s brand and IP.

·         As this company expanded its operations globally, quality issues began to appear in customers ‘     products. Research into these problems revealed that remarked or counterfeit parts were used—a problem that could lead to a loss of both reputation and revenues. 

·         There was a potential loss of revenues from existing partners buying “excess” products on the open market, instead of at “good partner” prices. 

·         Since their business plan focused on moving to an increasingly royalty based and less chip based business model, they needed to find a way let partners know they were serious about protecting their IP and their brand.

·         As one of the few companies who started early developing patents and investing huge amounts in partner development, much of their culture was built around knowing what’s coming, out-engineering and investing the competition, and then winning in the stage of world trade.  As a result, they were concerned that their features would begin appearing in competitors products, causing their reputation and culture to suffer.

Solution: Brand Protection White Paper


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